Where Do People Use Custom Tshirts?

Custom tshirts have been around for a long time and people have literally found so many uses for this type of apparel. Today’s post will discuss the merits of using custom tshirts in different scenarios, so you can decide for yourself if it’s a good investment should you be looking for a way to promote a business, organization, or even yourself.

Uses of Custom Tshirts

  1. Celebrating special occasions –An occasion doesn’t have to be grand in order to qualify for being  custom-designappropriate for a run of custom tshirts. Even the simplest of birthdays is better when you have custom tshirts printed, because then people would have instant memorabilia of the occasion.

The good thing about this is that it will not cost you an arm and leg to have a few custom tshirts printed for any personal celebration. You can even order a minimum of one piece and have it delivered to your home.

Online custom tshirts websites can handle your order easily and you will not have  tough time selecting a design either, because template designs come in the thousands, and you can just pick out the ones that you like and have them printed on pre-selected shirts.

  1. Marketing your designs – If you are an artist that would like to make some money from putting your designs on shirts, using the services of custom tshirts websites is a good way to start your business. The main advantage is the price points.

As is, blank shirts are already cheap, and when you buy them in bulk, you will save more in the process. You can also purchase multiple types of shirts and see how your niche will react to the selection of shirts.

Since all the work will be handled by the custom tshirts shop, you will no longer have to worry about backbreaking work or getting the printing right on the fabric. You can focus on creating more kickass designs, having them printed, and most importantly, marketing them to your potential customers.

As a matter of fact, many folks including people who do videos for YouTube and Twitch make money from selling custom shirts.

And if you look at many of the designs they are selling for wads of cash, the designs are simple and don’t take much creativity to finish at all. Now think of the possibilities if you are a genuine artist and you can create rocking new designs for shirts.

  1. Business and organizations – Printing shirts for the staff of a business is a good way to improve the morale of the staff and give them a sense of drive and purpose, too.

Shirts with their position printed on it would remind them constantly of what they have to do, and that sense of responsibility definitely increases productivity in the long term.

In organizations the same psychological effect takes place: when you are wearing a shirt with the company or organization’s logo on it, you feel that you are part of the organization and you will end up doing more willingly your functions or roles in the organization.

Ditto for company-sponsored events like team building, workshops, lectures, and the like. Having a shirt connecting the event to the people widens the discursive space and it makes people more engaged in what they should be doing in the event. And the best thing about this is that you can be as creative as possible when creating the designs for companies, businesses and organizations.

  1. Commercial promotion and branding –This is definitely the most common use custom tshirts: promoting businesses and commercial events. When you give away shirts to people, the implication here is that they are required to reciprocate the gesture.

One shirt can mean one or more sales from a potential customer and all because you gave away a shirt that costs less than $10. It makes complete business sense, right?

This has been going on for decades and there is no slowing down the law of reciprocity when it’s being peddled by great-looking custom shirts. To receive something for free triggers the response in people that they have to return the favor somehow.

There are a couple of ways that you can do this when you are helping out a business: a person can buy from the business, recommend it to others, tell other people about the freebie promotional shirt, etc.


All of the benefits go to the business, and it’s a very win-win situation for all parties concerned. Another angle that you can look at is recall. This applies most especially to commercial establishments that rely on local targeting to get customers.

It is absolutely essential for a local business to get the word out that it exists. When people wear shirts with a business’ name on it, the mobile advertisement can go a long way. Why? Because people can more easily recall the tshirt designs than signboard.

People are so immune to signboards and printed advertisements that the majority forget ads a moment after they look away from it. That sounds bad right?

But what if we tell you that if the message is printed on a shirt, there is a much higher chance of people remembering it? The reasoning behind this is that people would only wear a shirt they like, and people tend to be picky about what they wear, and therefore, whatever is printed on a shirt and is worn, should be good.

  1. Athletic purposes This is the second most common use for custom tshirts. Athletic meets, high school teams, and the like. Having customized shirts for the purpose of binding teams together is a way to improve performance, boost morale, and improve how people bond together in groups.

This is the impact of sameness, of being “one color” in any specific scenario. That’s why even high school physical education classes have shirts with the school’s name on it. It just makes sense to remind people why they are engaged in athletics in the first place.