How Logo Lanyards Protect IDs and Access Cards

Lanyards’ main function is to hold IDs. Their strap colors also make IDs noticeable when worn. Logo lanyards also protect IDs and access cards through their add-ons and special features. ID holders protect IDs from the following with their specific features:

Protection from Twisting

Moving causes IDs to twist, which leads to damage. Among these damages is tearing the thin area just above the ID’s slot or hole. This damage causes IDs to detach from lanyards.

Lanyards protect IDs from twisting through available swivel clips. Swivel clips are clips with special attachments that let IDs move freely.

Protection from Scratches

IDs are prone to having scratches due to movements and other minor accidents. Even simple friction with clothes causes minute scratches that will be visible after some time. Logo lanyards provide extra scratch protection through badge holders.

Logo LanyardsBadge holders work like protective sheaths over the main ID card. Badge holders are made from plastic or transparent vinyl sheet that encloses IDs for extra protection. The plastic material will receive friction-triggered abuse to ensure IDs retain their brand new look. The good thing about badge holders is they come in various designs and even colors to suit clients’ requirements. Furthermore, clients can customize badge holders with additional branding element to boost lanyards’ uniqueness. Common customization choices include using different plastic color and printing companies’ logos and names on the badge holder.

Protection from Pulling

Flashing access cards requires users to pull their cards and lanyards near the detector. People rushing to their cubicles, however, tend to pull their IDs with excessive force to the point of detaching them from lanyards. This damage is due to the limited lanyard length working against the excessive force.

Today’s logo lanyards may come with a retractable badge reel, an attachment that adds length to the ID holder. Attaching this to the ID can add up to 36 inches of length, so users don’t have to pull their IDs too hard to flash their cards. The reel will smoothly extend lanyard length with its integrated string and retract once users are done flashing their badges.

Protection from Water

Water can damage IDs, especially regular, laminated ones. Logo lanyards provide additional protection with plastic badge holders enclosing the main ID. These envelop-like badge holders are made from plastic or vinyl materials, which are known for their waterproof features.

These badge holder types also come in different type like thicker plastic choices where IDs fit snuggly. Other options have more space that may allow users to keep more cards apart from their IDs. Wallet-type holders are also available that can store other items with IDs like passports, which are ideal for traveling employees.

Protecting ID Edges

Folded or dented edges are the start of impending ID damages if not dealt with immediately. Protecting this ID part is possible by using a special type of badge holder that encloses its back part and side edges. They are like thick, hard vinyl frame-like accessories placed on IDs. The good thing about this accessory is it comes in numerous types, including those with full back-covers or those capable of holding two IDs in one.

Regular badge holders may also protect ID edges from dents although they are not as effective as the hard vinyl option. Their plastic material is soft and flexible, which may be insufficient for dent protection.

Logo lanyards are also essential in providing extra ID protection. Better protection means long lasting IDs that retain their fresh look despite employees’ tenure in a company.As these lanyards used for security and marketing purpose which are also available at Furthermore, ordering lanyard add-ons saves an employer money on providing ID replacements due to damages that could have been prevented with the right accessories.