How Do You Want Your Funeral To Be Like?

This is an often avoided but inevitable topic in the natural course of life.

Discomfort usually accompanies the pre-planning or present planning of funerals. This is why clear and adequate information of the services offered by the mortuary is relevant in order to prioritize the necessary components of a funeral arrangement.
In finding the right funeral parlor, there are considerations to bear in mind:


The basic choices about religion and type of service must be considered. The establishment and existence of religion specific mortuary are based on the high rate of religion in a particular area. The Synagogue leader or clergy can provide the reference for religion specific funeral homes.

Even atheists and agnostics die so the type of service must be contemplated. The selection may vary from traditional burial to cremation to green burial, or the combination of cremation and burial. Cremation costs process, wherein there is no need for embalming, can be just as expensive as traditional burial when casket is involved. On the flip side, the cremation costs also utilizes wooden or cardboard container, which is both environmental-friendly and low cost.

Funeral Directory

Delegating tasks to the funeral staff afford the family the appropriate time to grieve. However, caution is needed in relation to the business information relayed by the mortuary directory or staff persons.

FuneralThe reputable and trustworthy funeral homes offer direct information needed for the preparation of funeral service. Minor particulars may include memory candle, heirloom bible, floral tribute package, additional night of visitation, pallbearers acknowledgement cards, audio cassette recording of service, thank you cards, remembrance registry, celebration of life video, framed photo collage, life symbols plaque with corner option casket and Condolence basket, laminated obituary bookmarks, flower tribute package or veterans flag case. Advertisements are not necessary. Just like in any other purchases, the clients have the right to know the breakdowns and to understand the substantial reasons behind each of the funeral price. The Funeral Rule is particular on itemized list of cost of every funeral expense. There must also be active phone numbers and correct physical addresses of the mortuary buildings and burial locations.

Funeral Director

Selection of funeral director comes with the selection of coffins, location of the funeral memorial service and the headstones. Coffin is usually the most garish among the funeral expenses. However, no person is prohibited to purchase a cheaper coffin from other mortuary aside from those provided in a packaged funeral service. This is in accordance with the Federal provisions in what is known as, “Funeral Rule”.

Picking the location of the memorial service brings forth the selection of clergy, funeral music, eulogy and funeral poems. Depending on the funeral homes, the funeral director can enlist its own mortuary location and more importantly, the books for the preparation of hearse, musician service, flowers, military service, limousines, register book, cars for transporting pallbearers and ministers, order of service folders and other funeral merchandise.


It is a myth that on-the-top mortuaries conduct the best funeral service. The personal value of the dead human does not equate extravagant funeral costs. Budget affects how personalization of the funeral service. This is the appropriate time to process any life insurance policy and other social service benefits. Aside from the expenses needed in the funeral service, legal responsibilities develop. There is the need to supervise over significant documents such as death certificates, obituaries and wills. The staff persons in funeral homes have knowledge about these official tasks.

In summary, since death gives rise to both financial and emotional stress, the family that is hiring the funeral parlor must bear in mind that burial in a presentable and dignified manner is enough.